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Resistance to pressure. Certified leadership

Many years ago the Company built, inside its plant, a modern and technologically advanced laboratory with new calibrated and certified instrumentation for testing products resistance to pressure from 0,05 bar to 14 bar. This will allow Zorzini to simulate and to test, with maximum precision, the current range of products and future ones. The static pressure test through which all data have been obtained does not consider, obviously, the inside flows and the container’s deformation due to welds and frames fitting up. In this way, Zorzini can guarantee the reliability of the whole production process under the ISO 9001:2015 norms, along with the traceability, quality, pressure resistance of the products according to the TÜV, ASME and PED certification, as well as after-sales technical assistance.


According to effective law, the copyright for all data, tables, drawings and pictures of this website remains with Zorzini spa only. Any reproduction, copy, use, sales or exploitation is forbidden. Technical features, weights and performances are non-binding. The Company also reserves the right to make the appropriate changes to the products, without obligation of notice. The TÜV certified items were tested according to the PED standards: the pressure values indicated in our catalogue are guaranteed at a temperature of -15 to +200 °c.

How to find your mill certificate 3.1B

Find the progressive production numbers stamped on both cover and frame of the manhole/manway; Enter them in the related fields; Example Production number 2712 | Material number 14307
Production number
Material number