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The Products. Completely “Made in Zorzini”

Zorzini is one of the few companies in this industry that develops the entire cycle of production in house, from the stainless-steel plate to the finished product, with highly automated production processing.
In the last few years Zorzini has invested a lot in research and technology: a new welding robot, new 350 tons and 650 tons hydraulic presses, computer controlled plate bending rolls and, last but not least, a unique ultrasound based electro polishing plant. Zorzini has confirmed its attitude to high quality through new international certifications, for processing and for products and through significant technical improvements applied to an ever-increasing range of manwaydoors and manhole covers, in order to satisfy any request of customers.

The electro-polishing plant

In order to satisfy the increasing and demanding request of the market, Zorzini is now provided with a sophisticated and unique dipping electro-polishing plant. This plant allows a high quality of the surface that results perfectly smooth and having a minimal amount of roughness. Furthermore, the finishing level can be personalised according to the specific requests of customers. The system is completely automatic and computer controlled. The main characteristic is that it works on an ultra sound based washing system. Stainless steel items will be gradually immersed in treating solutions. In this way, we can work on all types of Zorzini products (manwaydoors, covers, accessories) and the cleanness and polishing will reach the optimal level. The system was projected in order to have the highest level of security and it works according to the most severe regulations about environmental policy. In fact, it not only re-utilizes 85% of waste water but recycles its own energetic resources. In this way it also guarantees a safe operational capacity of the entire working team.