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Integrated management system for environment, quality and safety.

An eye on continuous improvement by establishing goals and objectives for quality, environment and safety conforming to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. Checking the correct and consistent system apllication level in order to to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with the requirements of the standards. Encouraging the staff to watch for and report immediately non-conformances. Special attention to safety, health and environmental legislation, operating in full compliance with relative laws and regulations in force.

Keeping our business economically competitive

Excellence and technical quality of the products Zorzini combined with high standards of customer service and extremely efficient and fast delivery.

Increasing profitability and product certification

Rationalization and improvement of operative process and upgrade of the articles, in order to obtain the product certification.

Human resources

Improvement of performances through transparent communication, training and awareness campaigns for our employees and providing the highest quality products and excellent customer service.
The general manager
Monica Zorzini