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The company strives to design, build and sell manholes and manhole covers made of stainless steel for steel and fibreglass plants and tanks to promptly meet customer/user demands and full satisfaction of their needs. It exports throughout the EEC market, seeking the acquisition of new shares in the non EEC area, focused on achieving its objectives but also the general interests of the community, support, social integration and welfare of people. The organisation is designed to promote the needs of all stakeholders relevant to its integrated management system. In pursuing the above it is inspired by values such as responsibility, reliability, correctness, professionalism and continuous improvement. In this regard, Zorzini adopted a company policy that provides a plan for the prevention of corruption which prohibits members of the Board of Directors, colleagues or anyone acting on behalf of Zorzini to offer direct or indirect payments, benefits or valuable gifts for corruption to any individual or corporation in order to improperly influence public officials or other third parties or to get an unfair competitive advantage which might favour the company. The Company undertakes to act ethically and legally in accordance with the principles against corruption and bribery that regulate interactions with public agencies and public officials in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; it expects the same commitment from consultants, agents, representatives or other companies and individuals acting on its behalf in connection with the work being done for Zorzini. In addition, it is consciously oriented to implementing sustainability, protection and respect for the environment with the goal of becoming a leading edge enterprise oriented to eco-friendly growth (life-cycle perspective). Finally it pays maximum attention to corporate social responsibility also towards the safety and health of workers.
To achieve the said mission the company dedicates effort and concentrates its efforts on the following priority sectors with a role of strategic importance:
  • INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENT quality MANAGEMENT SYSTEM according to ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 standards – ISO 45001 standards.
    The organisation is geared to broaden its context concerning external matters and, after identifying the expectations and the needs of stakeholders, it has identified the relevant factors for the IMS. In this context it controls the largest number of variables to manage the risk of failure, applying the logic of risk based thinking in process management, trying to elevate its level of strategic vision and exceed the customer/end user expectations.
    The commitment and responsibility of senior management is ongoing to ensure the effectiveness of the integrated management system and pursue continuous improvement:
    – establishing aligned quality and environmental targets and objectives and in support with this policy, overseeing the correct and consistent application of that system to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with the requirements of the standards;
    – ensuring the availability and efficient use of human, economic resources for infrastructures, skills, technology and pollution prevention, minimisation of environmental risks;
    – working in accordance with current national legislation concerning the environment, health and safety at work;
    – ensuring the management and control of natural and energy resources and environmental impacts generated (emissions in the air, noise, waste production);
    – supervising and constantly monitoring the activities carried out. The commitment of top management has always been aimed at providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses and has
    implemented processes for the consultation and participation of workers, at all levels and functions, for the development and implementation of the company management system.
    Technical and economic competitiveness of its products as well as punctuality of services offered to the market in order to reach the highest levels, with continuous presence and awareness to the needs of the individual and the market and monitoring and respect of delivery times. Pursuit of maximum satisfaction, trust and Customer loyalty, ensuring communication and relationships, minimising complaints, identifying and analysing the requirements so as to offer products up to expectations and contractual commitments.
  • INCREASED profitability and product certification
    Rationalisation and strengthening of the production processes and optimisation of the characteristics of articles in order to obtain, product certification, where possible.
    Enhancement of all those components of the production process that enable the prevention of pollution and saving resources while allowing the creation of a competitive product on the market, involving suppliers in environmental and safety goals.
    Performance improvement through transparency, active participation in the integrated management system, communication, employee training and awareness so that there is shared focus on maximum quality and the environment and appropriate practices are widespread in the conduct of production operations.
    Support for all functions having responsibilities in various departments to make them aware of their role and the authority conferred to them.
    Motivation through internal communication to seek direct sense of involvement and participation in productivity, team spirit and of belonging to the company to create a team that can maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated system constant, also aimed at health and safety at work. The quality environment safety policy is communicated within the organisation and on the company website to the outside

The Managing Director
Monica Zorzini

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